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With the increase of the solid municipal waste, the problem of its disposal has becomes a big problem worldwide. The plastic materials are the commodity materials which has become part of our life. The polymer materials such as LDPE, LLDPE, MDPE and HDPE are the type of polyethylene materials which are being used by us on day to day basis. For creating a sustainable energy and environment, alternative energy is needed to be developed rather depending on the conventional fossil fuel. The conversion of these types of polyethylene materials in the municipal waste into useful hydrocarbon fuel is one of the key challenges worldwide. The polymers having polyolefin are very useful materials with different applications, but are reluctant to degradation or deterioration. The thermal pyrolytic conversion of the waste polyethylene mix and the extraction of different useful hydrocarbon components were observed to be one of the key areas of study. The study of the different components extracted from the polyethylene mix, preferably the diesel like components were studied in detail. The different studies including the chromatographic study, simulated distillation analysis FTIR study and the cetane analysis of the product were carried out. The different physical and chemical analysis of the product were also investigated to compare it’s property with the conventional diesel fuel.

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