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Phytochemical and GC-MS analyses of ethanol extract of Gmelina arborea fruit were carried out using standard methods. The results of phytochemical analysis revealed the presence of flavonoids, alkaloids saponins, cardiac glycosides and tannins in the sample. Seventeen chemical constituents were identified from GC-MS analysis which include ethylcyclohexane (10.8%), hept-2-ene (3.1%), ethylbenzene (14.5%), non-1-ene (14.2%), non -1-ene (9.01%), 3,5-dimethylhepta- 3,5-dien-1-yne (8.73%) (1-methylethyl) benezene (cumene)(5.61%), 3,5-dimethlhepta- 3,5- dien-yne (1.30%), hexane (0.86%), hept-2-ene (2.05%), oct-2-ene (3.10%), oct-2-ene (4.68%), heptanoic acid (4.50%), oct-2-ene (0.69%), non-1-ene (10.05%), hepta-4,6-dien-2-ynoic acid (3.8%) and 2-butylpropane -1,3-diol (2.25%). Result obtained showed that the fruit extract of Gmelina arborea has ethylbenzene (14.5%) as the highest and oct-2-ene (0.69%) as the least chemical compounds. These relative diverse chemical constituents may be responsible for the medicinal properties of Gmelina arborea fruits. 

GC-MS analysis
Chemical constituents
Gmelina arborea andethanol fruit-extract
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