The Experiment, 2017, Volume 39-45

1 Use of LeptadeniaHastata as a Biomonitor of Heavy Metal Pollution in .Dutse: Saidu Usman* and Busari Abdulakeem, SaiduUsman and Busari Abdulakeem


2 Visual Observation of Entrained (Pick-up) velocity of Sand Particles Part I – low viscous fluid: E. Zorgani, H. Al-Awadi, W. Yan, and H. Yeung


3 Simultaneous determination of Amoxicillin trihydrate, Pantoprazole sodium and Clarithromycin in bulk powder and tablet formulation by an isocratic RP-HPLC method : Shantaram G. Khanage*, Popat B. Mohite, Sonali V. Toge, Vinayak K. Deshmukh


4 Flow of MHD Thermal Stagnation Point Flow of Micropolar Fluids due to Permeable Stretching Surface: Hassan Waqas, Sajjad Hussain, Shamila Khalid


5 The effect of atmospheric aromatic amides on the Ag (I) catalyzed S(IV) autoxidation in aqueous solution: Arun Kumar Sharma*, Rashmi Sharma and D. S. N. Prasad


6 Synthesis, Spectral, Thermal and Quantum Mechanical Studies on 2-Amino-4-Picolinium 2-Hydroxybenzoate Crystal: G. Dinesh kumara, G. Amirthaganesanb*, P. Muthurajab, M. Dhandapanib


7 Extractive Visible Spectrophotometre Method development and validation for the estimation of Canagliflozin in pharmaceutical formulations:B. Krupa Karuna Vani


8 Examine the relationships between socio – cultural factors with the tendency of men to participate in family planning: Mahmoud Yaghoubi doust,* Halimeh Enayat, Amir Azarkamand,Parvin Gangi,Manouchehr Ghalandar


9 BChE(Butryl cholinesterase) as Biomarker of Occupational Exposure among female cotton workers: AimaIram Batool,  Naima Huma Naveed, Fayyaz Ur Rehman, Syeda Humaira Jabeen, Iram Inayat HakimBibi ,Fareeha Idress


10 Contamination of Soils with heavy metals (Fe,Ni And Cr) around cement factory Bahtar, Pakistan: Syeda Andleeb Zehra*, Dr. Shumaila Naz, Dr. Syed Waqas Hassan, Syed Saqlain Abbas, Dr. Muhammad Idress


11 ZTMD Flow Profiles in Sub-Monolayer Film Thickness Regime:    R. J. Waltman


12 Expression of miR-134-5p with neuronal migration protein double cortin (DCX) in a mature epileptic animal model: Liubov Krivoshapkina. MD, Yin Jian, Ning Wei Che, Jun Wei Chen, Xiaoguang Liu


13 Boundary Lubricant Film Properties of Z-Tetraol Modified by Benzene Rings: R.J. Waltman


14 Adsorption of Reactive orange 16 dye onto activated carbon from the stems of Solanum Torvu: G. Kavitha & V. Venkateswaran*


15 Antibacterial activities of Neem leave (Azadirachta Indica) extracts on African mud catfish Clarias gariepinus (Burchell,1822): Hammed, A.M.; Awe, F.A; Amosu, A.O.; Fashina-Bombata, H.A and Olanloye, A.O.


16 Canning quality of new grain runner bean lines developed in Kenya: Serah Nyawira Njau and Paul Macharia Kimani 2463-2479
17 The Substituted Diphenyl-1,4-Diazepan-5-One – A new class of Corrosion inhibitor on Aluminium in Hydrochloric Acid: S.Ponnuswamy


18 Evaluation of indigenous rice germplasm for identification of durable bacterial blight (Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae) resistance sources in Bangladesh: ABM Muzahidul Islam, J Rozalin Rahman, SAI Nihad, R Akter, HA Dilzahan, MZ Islam, MR Bhuiyan, MH Kabir, MM Rashid, MR Islam, MA Latif and MAI Khan*


19 Virulence analysis of Pyricularia grisea on rice monogenic lines detected blast R-gene in Bangladesh: Mohammod Hossain*, Md Ansar Ali and Mohammad Delwar Hossain


20 Genetic diversity in some aromatic and nonaromatic maintainer lines based on principal component analyses for hybrid rice (Oryza Sativa L.) breeding: M Z Islam*, A H Akhi, N A Ivy and M A K Mian


21 Analysis of total suspended solids, total dissolved solids, electrical conductivity of domestic sewage: *Ediagbonya, T. F, Ukulu, H. S, Uwidia, I. E


22 Removal of crystal violet from aqueous solutions using Arundo donax a cheap adsorbent: A. KRIKA* & F. KRIKA


23 Effect of row spacing of Rice transplanter on seedling requirement and grain yield: AKM Saiful Islam* and MAI Khan


24 Situational Analysis of maternal deaths in the Region of Agneby-Tiassa-Me from January to December 2016 in Côte D’ivoire: COULIBALY – Koné S A*,DOUKOURE Daoudam, KOUMI-Mélège 2574-2582